Required listening: Ramones’ “I’m Against It”


Know this about The Ramones — they don’t care. Take ‘ I’m Against It,’ from their 1978 release Road To Ruin.

The punk-rock legends dive right in with the mantra ‘Well I’m against it….” It doesn’t really matter WHAT they’re against, the song is just a blast to listen to.

It’s rapid-fire punk rebellion, with a killer, heavy rock riff that kicks you around and shoves you back and forth like a struck tuning fork. Cymbals crashing, drums pounding.

These guys work hard at showing how apathetic they are. 

“I’m Against It” is smart enough to be quirky — “I don’t like sex and drugs/I don’t like water bugs,” — and still manages to be relevant to the time, railing against the Viet Cong and “Jesus freaks.”  

Joey Ramone proclaiming “I don’t like Burger King” is laugh-out-loud perfection.


Here’s the lyrics, since some of it is hard to make out. For a Ramones primer, read here. 

Now, go listen.


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