Today’s non-music post: Adventures in meeting new people, and spare pants

Reading a blog post by Hayley Krischer about how difficult it is for moms to find and make new friends made me realize– I’m in that dark void right now.

Met a very nice person at the coffee shop the other day. The beauty of it was, I wasn’t even looking to hook up— she struck up the conversation with me. Our talk was pleasant and easygoing. Turns out her daughter and my daughter were baptized the same day, same place. 

She seemed really friendly, and I liked her. Things seemed to be going well. THEN……..

I noticed a brown smudge on the back of my kid’s pants— maybe it’s just the coffeecake she was munching on, I thought, as denial washed over me. 

On closer inspection I saw, it was, indeed, NOT the coffee cake.

The woman and her daughter were oblivious to my pending nightmare, happily sharing a grilled-cheese sandwich.


Horrified, I frantically dug through my diaper bag for any semblance of clean or spare pants for Sarah to wear. (I’ll take pre-worn, stained pants, as long as the stain was some kind of food— that’s acceptable for this emergency). I found plenty of socks, some bibs, an empty fruit-bar wrapper, a free bottle of lotion from the doctor’s office.

No pants.

So now the options are: scoop her up and take her home before the aroma hits, or change her in the bathroom and have her run around a bit with just a diaper and shirt on. 

I think the woman sensed my anxiety and suggested the easiest thing to do was to just take her home and deal with it there. 

Keep in mind, we had already exchanged email and FB info, so I thought we were  golden.

I sent out my friend request. Nothing yet.

Questions: How long do I wait before I give up and concede that no, I guess we weren’t meant to be friends?  Was it me? Was it my lack of preparedness? Was it my panic and embarrassment that I had no backup? Was it our newfound differences (her a stay-at-home mom, me with a night job who naps as my daughter watches Sesame Street?) I thought opposites attracted.

I may never know.

As moms looking for new relationships, we are always hoping for the stars to align. Maybe next time I’ll remember to keep a full outfit in my diaper bag 🙂

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