On Beck’s “Blue Moon,” a few demons return


After several years, Beck finally embarks on new journey with “Morning Phase” and its first single, “Blue Moon.”

Like well-worn driftwood, the remains of Beck’s “Sea Change” turn up again.

While that painful 2002 breakup album was pivotal to his musical maturity, “Blue Moon,” the first single from Beck’s upcoming 13-track release “Morning Phase,” thankfully doesn’t appear as forlorn.
The song begins with acoustic fingerwork, muted percussion and a plaintive cry. “I’m so tired of being alone,” Beck sings, already restless. “Don’t leave me on my own.”
It’s a gentle and folksy ballad, with a faint hint of country-ish guitar. While he’s searching for some type of respite, part of him seems to be feel happy that he’s on this journey. It could find a home on those easy-listening stations — even with Beck’s trademark oddball lyrics.
 So while this new, grown-up Beck puts out impeccable music, it comes with a price. Beck’s wackiness and genius at kitschy soundbites was what endeared him to fans in the first place. It’s possible there will never be a return to Mellow Gold’s “Beercan” and “Soul-Suckin Jerk,” or even the incredibly funky “Hell Yes” from “Guero.”

But with lines like “Lies that will divide us both in time,” this direction suits him just fine.

The new LP is called “Morning Phase,” and is scheduled for release Feb. 25 on Capitol Records. Listen here.

Dig It or Ditch It: Dig It.

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