No fooling– Kim Deal’s got more up her sleeve with “The Root”

Kim Deal, former bassist and vocalist with the Pixies, then frontwoman for the Breeders, can pick out happy guitar hooks like they’re candy. Her garage-rock grunge-punk style is her trademark.

Deal has been working on her ‘Solo Series’ of late, releasing a couple songs every so often. For the fourth installment, she’s collaborated with her friend Morgan Nagler, who had given Deal a demo, and the inspiration began.

“The Root,” and its video, is classic Kim– DIY all the way.


“I’m happy for you, but I feel like crying,” she repeats into a phone cam at Dorothy Lane Market parking lot in Dayton, Ohio. Why she picked the Dorothy Lane Market lot is still a mystery- maybe the name Dorothy lent a vintage-y vibe for her. It could be completely random– that’s more her style. Whatever the reason, she put that gritty little parking lot on the map.

 Deal played most of the instruments on “The Root,” and Nagler takes vocals on “Range On Castle.”


Both songs will be released on 7-inch white label/black vinyl April 1, but you can also get a digital version. The official release will have artwork by Vaughn Oliver. Oliver is a British graphic designer who’s worked Deal in her Breeders Days– he’s also created artwork for 4AD releases by Lush, Cocteau Twins, Throwing Muses and the Pixies. Version 2 will be a limited release at 1000 copies.

ImageWatch the quickie video for “The Root” here.

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