Put a jolt in your spring with this new rock

The news that Wolfmother, Parquet Courts and Jack White are all resurfacing from the depths brings an unexpected heat to 2014.

Australia’s Wolfmother is back in the picture, after absences, alleged sickness and a temporary split, with a new album released March 23.



They’ve inherited the rock and roll spirit of the 60s and 70s and imbued it with more grit and fire. You can get Wolfmother’s album “New Crown” for a measly $7 at Bandcamp. It’s immediate shred. If Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin mated, Wolfmother would be its devil-child.

The band broke through big-time in 2005, then faded from view here in the states. Among a new lineup announced in 2009, illness sidestepped the band in 2010 and they had to cancel a European tour. “New Crown” has been in the works since 2011, what the band has called “one beastly sounding record.” Can’t say no to that.

On April 1, Jack White released a video of his new song “High Ball Stepper,” teasing us until the album Lazaretto drops June 10 in the U.S. and June 9 in the UK on Third Man Records. Vaulters, fans who joined Jack White’s special fan club, can get a limited edition of the release, with a book, artwork and unreleased demos. There’s a good chance it will be worth your money.


“High Ball Stepper” is hammered and crafted in the vein of the White Stripes’ “Ball and Biscuit” and “Catch Hell Blues.” “High Ball Stepper” roils and swirls like the paint that shimmies and vibrates on the speakers in the video. Check it out here and be mesmerized.

Also April 2, Parquet Courts announced a new album, “Sunbathing Animal” and let loose the title track. It’s a tangled, beautiful ball of energy ratcheted up tenfold by Andrew Savage’s frenzied vocals. The 13 tracks are due June 3 and follow in the pulsing footsteps of “Tally All the Things That You Broke” and “Light Up Gold.” You’ll be able to find it on What’s Your Rupture?/Mom + Pop.


Never one to take a nap, they’ve also set up a summer world tour with Protomartyr, punk-rock’s bastard cousin. Enjoy “Sunbathing Animal here. Much of “Sunbathing Animal” was laid down during their 2013 tour. A big, steaming pile of punk-rock beauty is expected with this new release.


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