The Library of Congress wants to destroy all your old CDs

Consequence of Sound has dug up a valuable story on the well-worn music CD. The Library of Congress is actually PAYING people to research the aging process of CDs. That’s where you come in.
The Library is seeking all your unwanted CDs (this includes any and all Peter Frampton and Bread special collections.) They’ll take anything really, according to a story in the Atlantic.
Researchers are rapidly aging the CDs in stressful environments to see what happens. While the rest of us have moved on to digital downloads or back to records, the Library of Congress still apparently finds value in the compact-disc format and wants to improve upon it.
The story also references the fact that most people are concerned about the bottom part of the CD getting scratched, when it’s actually the top of the CD they should be more careful with.
I now know what to do with all the CDs of anonymous metal/slasher bands that I get from those CD grab bags at record stores.
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Consequence of Sound

Before I moved to Austin in January, I threw away an entire box of CDs. Seriously, a few dozen or so titles ranging from No Doubt to Run-D.M.C. just gone, all because I live in the 21st century and have no need for such archaic and bulky artifacts. What I really should have done, however, is donate those CDs for the betterment of all mankind.

You see, as The Atlantic points out, the Library of Congress is asking people to donate their unwanted collection of CDs for research purposes. No, they’re not putting together some arts and crafts projects; instead, they want to destroy your beloved compact discs. That includes the copy of Hanson’s Middle of Nowhere.

Fenella France serves as the Library’s Chief of Preservation and Testing and heads the Center for Analytical Science Samples, a lab that engages in “destructive testing” to determine the optimal care methods for various library materials, including CDs. According to…

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