ICYMI: Charles Bradley: “You Put the Flame On It”

In case you missed it, soul singer Charles Bradley appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! this week with the song “You Put the Flame on It.”

Bradley released his acclaimed second album, “Victim of Love,” in spring 2013. The album’s been added to a plethora of ‘best-of’ lists, so it’s worth your while to listen to what all the fuss is about.


Charles Bradley’s lived a storied life: He lived on the streets and worked odd jobs until he was discovered by the Daptones’ Gabriel Roth just a couple years ago. There’s even a documentary about him: “Charles Bradley: Soul of America,” that chronicles his rise.

His straight-forward style of singing is offset by his distinct voice, at times raspy and straining, but always full of soul and emotion.

Charles Bradley is also set to perform at one of the Vans House Parties in Brooklyn, N.Y., on June 12, so watch for that.

Watch the Kimmel performance on Youtube.

Just a few links for your perusal:





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