Tropic of Pisces’ “Symmetry” is a little taste of summer


The song “Symmetry” by Tropic of Pisces doesn’t really have much to do WITH symmetry, so much as with combining indie- and synth-pop with a bit of calypso and classic 80s reggae sounds. The sound goes down easy but is far from simple — instant summer song.

Tropic of Pisces is a project of Mathew Scheiner of Brooklyn indie band Oberhofer. Scheiner, a guitarist and glockenspieler, just released a home-recorded debut EP, also called “Symmetry.” The four-song EP was mixed by his Dad, Elliot Scheiner, who’s worked with giants such as Beck, Fleetwood Mac and Joe Jackson. Mathew Scheiner still works with Oberhofer but is also spending time collaborating with Mon Khmer and Superhuman Happiness.

Check out “Symmetry” on Youtube and visit for more. “Symmetry” is out now via Ooh La La Records.



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