Lightboxes’ “Something Else” a hidden gem

This is why blogging about music is so vital: A band like Lightboxes comes along and you wonder why they haven’t been picked up yet.

The hip-hop/soul duo has a short blurb in‘s “The Neu Bulletin,” neatly tucked between links for Hockeysmith and TRIXY. Lightboxes, from southeast London, is John Atterbury and Donna Thompson, who met at Goldsmiths College.
On the song “Something Else,” Thompson’s youthful voice, like Joss Stone or early Adele, brings a bright flavor to the tune, which wakes you up with its ingenuity. (Additional vocals by Sarah Williams White.)


The sound feels a bit like Fugees or Feist, as it walks a funky jazz bass that skips along with the beat and jumps it once in a while. It keeps you on your toes, and after all, shouldn’t music keep you guessing?

Catch “Something Else” and a bit about Lightboxes and its EP “Let It Grow” on bandcamp.

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Filed under Electronic, Experimental, R & B, Retro Soul

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