Karen O’s “Rapt” video surfaces

Karen O's heart is on her sleeve with "Crush Songs."

Karen O’s heart is on her sleeve with “Crush Songs.”

“Love’s a f—ing bitch…Do I really need another habit like you?”

On Monday, Karen O released a video shot entirely underwater. The brief acoustic song, “Rapt,” is painstakingly slow and deliberate as she floats, seemingly exposing past heartache with every word. “Rapt” is part of her upcoming album “Crush Songs.” Each new tidbit about the album leaves us wanting more. The video and song will have to tide us over for now.

The video can be found on Craveonline.

Karen O: "Rapt"

Karen O: “Rapt”

Read more about Karen O’s new album in an earlier post:

“Karen O’s “Crush Songs” to unearth old lusts”

Karen O appears on Cult Records’ website, her eyes placidly closed.

Wearing a red dress with a muted shine, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs frontwoman clasps both hands over the left side of her chest. With still red lips, she’s laying, cross-legged, on a candy-heart-pink carpet.

The picture, along with a letter in which she writes that she “crushed” a lot around age 27, is all that fans have to go on when it comes to her debut solo album, out on Cult Records Sept. 9. Cult Records is the Strokes’ Julian Casablancas’ baby.

The pre-order of the album is already sold out, according to Cult Records’ website, and it’s a gem: Going for $50, it’s a limited-edition vinyl, signed and numbered LP with sunburst-colored vinyl and a custom envelope with 15 cards of her drawings, as well as hand-written lyrics.

Crush Songs

Crush Songs

According to Karen O in a story on Consequence of Sound, the songs are based on her uncertainties after losing love. She goes on to say the songs were written and recorded in private  around that time.

karen-o-crush-songs letter

“They are the soundtrack to what was an ever-continuing love crusade,” says Karen O.

For more, visit Cult Records or karenomusic.com.


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