Vaselines release acoustic version of “One Lost Year”

The Vaselines: "V For Vaselines."

The Vaselines: “V For Vaselines.”

The Vaselines have released another shade of their single, “One Lost Year,” in which a sense of desperation and hope can be detected in the brisk dual-acoustic version. Songwriters Eugene Kelly and Francis McKee sound as strong as ever.

“Got one year, one year of losing it” is sung on repeat. But it doesn’t get old; it just sounds right. 

The Vaselines have kept in touch in some form since their formation in Glasgow 1987. According to a press release, the band broke up the same week as their debut album, “Dum Dum” was released in June 1989.
Nirvana brought the band into the alternative-rock mainstream, smartly covering Vaselines songs like “Molly’s Lips” and “Jesus Wants Me For a Sunbeam.” Early singles by the band were released by Sub Pop in 1992.
After a 2008 reunion, their second album, “Sex With an X,” was released in 2010 on Sub Pop. 
“V For Vaseline” their third album.

the vaselines


The Vaselines credit a Ramones cover band Kelly found in Glasgow as part of the inspiration for this new album.
“After that, I just wanted to write some really short punk-rock songs, just get into people’s ear really straight away, and then get out of there really quickly,” said Kelly in a press release.

The album was recorded in Glasgow at Mogwai’s Castle of Doom studio; a place bands like Belle & Sebastien and Dirty Pretty Things have set foot.

The Vaselines have three upcoming shows: Sept. 29 in Edinburgh at Caves, Sept. 30 in Leeds at  Brudenell Social Club, and Oct. 1 in London at Hoxton Bar & Kitchen.

“V for Vaselines” is set for release Oct. 7 in the U.S. through Rosary Music.

Listen to “One Lost Year.”

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