Lil Silva, BANKS shine on “Don’t You Love”

British producer Lil Silva’s gotten some impressive feedback from his latest EP “Mabel” and rightly so.

The single “Don’t You Love” from Lil Silva features a techno-soul beat with a deep bass that cuts cleanly across the music.
The song begins with a cerebral Asian-flavoured sound that gyrates like a rubber elastic and forms the melody and backbone of the song. If you hear that strange sound and this is your first exposure to Lil Silva — just keep listening.
The singer BANKS adds a trance-like sultry layer that beckons you in further.
“Don’t You Love,” on Soundcloud, contains a house-techno remix of the song that’s even more mysterious.
“Mabel” was released Aug. 5 on True Panther in North America, and Good Years in the UK.
The track listing for “Mabel,” which you can stream here, is:

01. First Mark

02. Kimmy

03. Don’t You Love (feat. BANKS)

04. Mabel

05. Right For You (feat. BANKS)

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