Ryan Adams’ new album, in all its glory

ryan adams

Ryan Adams dropped a bomb this week, streaming his self-titled punk album in full, which then was almost immediately uploaded to Youtube.

His new album is his 14th, and his first in three years. It’s already been hailed as one of the best of the year, drawing comparisons by fans to Husker Du, Smiths and Damn the Torpedoes. That’s a heady mix, but the word is he’s done it in fine fashion.

This quote via thefourohfive.com says it all:

“When I was in high school, I remember, on my Converse sneakers, on one side I had written ‘Social Distortion’, and on the other side I had written ‘Guns N’ Roses’. Somebody said, ‘Hey man, you can’t have both those bands on there; that’s punk and that’s metal.’ I was like, ‘Check this out: My pen just totally worked when I wrote them on either side of my shoe, and the cassettes are totally in my backpack right now, so it’s probably O.K.”

The album is due for release Sept. 9 on Pax-Am/Blue Note.

Must listen here.

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