The Abigails have the cure for your “Medication” shortfall

The Abigails "Medication"

The psych-1969 sound of alt-country band the Abigails seems to make them primed for the soundtrack of Quentin Tarantino’s next dusty “Kill Bill”-ish dark comedy.

That formula is just right for their new single “Medication.” The deep growl of band guru Warren Thomas keeps the song mellow and vintage, while summoning the ghosts of the Grateful Dead and The Doors.

The video for “Medication” is straight out of a vintage early 70s teen PSA on the dangers of drug use. It’s full of footage of teens lazily driving around, getting together, dancing on the beach ā€” and not saying much. And there’s always that one guy who hasn’t taken whatever everyone else is taking ā€” but he eventually succumbs. Experience peer pressure, ride around, repeat.

The lyrics for “Medication” then take a hilarious grip on reality when that one guy is continuously faced with the concept that he might run out.
“There’s not enough for tomorrow, but right now that’s not my problem,” Thomas sings, and later he says, “Then I get high,” with a drunk hiccup.

Their Facebook “About” section also deserves a gold star:

“Biography: Debauched zen from the country-fried spiral pits of Satanical wonderlust.
Description: There’s a hootenanny in Bummerville and were leavin’ with the fear.
General Manager: God
Current location: Lala Land”

A band that doesn’t take itself too seriously is a band that knows its priorities.

Abigails "Tundra"

“Medication” is on the Abigails’ new album, “Tundra,” out on Burger Records.

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