Insound delivers again: Free hot track from Odesza


Odesza– “In Return”

Insound’s track this week is by Odesza, which also thankfully just dropped their new album, “In Return,” this week too.

According to Insound’s mini-bio, Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight of Seattle have moved on from using vocal samples and now employ live human beings into their airy, pop-electronic sound.

The song, “Say My Name (feat. Zyra)” features Zyra’s R&B vocal stylings that dot the song, keeps it bright and stellar and also kind of addicting.

Besides Zyra, other singers included on “In Return” are Py, Shy Girls and Madelyn Grant, according to Insound.

“Say My Name” is a free track that you can stream, or download and pop right into your system, which you should do asap.

“In Return” is on Counter Records.


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