Got $199 to spare? You could spend it on DFA 1979 denim


Dance-punk band Death From Above 1979, besides recently releasing their second album, “The Physical World,” to critical reviews, have conspired to create 60 Levi’s denim jackets. They went on sale Sept. 18.

According to a press release, the jackets are described as a slim-cut black jacket with hand-stitched chenille patches of “79” on the front and the band’s quite unique human/elephantine/Siamese-twin logo on the back. The patches were designed by Klaxon Howl and Wolff. Again, the price is steep: $199 each, and are only available in the U.S.

DFA 1979 logo

A tweet from @dfa1979 on Sept. 18 makes a reference to glitches being fixed; we’re not sure what that means; either way, they’re fixed, so rest assured.

Here’s a link to the order page.


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