Get psyched for Cassette Store Day!

Cassette-Store-Day 2014

You didn’t miss it… yet. The annual Cassette Store Day is tomorrow (Sept. 27), so there’s still time to plan your attack!

emilystrax was raised in the Golden Cassette Age of the 80s (think Songs From the Big Chair/Disintegration), so celebrating this event is only natural.

The U.S. ambassador this year is Burger Records, but the UK and Europe are also taking part. Burger Records has also been releasing new tracks off tomorrow’s releases (see below.)

There are instant standouts at CSD, enough that most music fans will likely think it’s worthwhile to check out:

Two from Julian Casablancas’ label, Cult Records: Karen O’s “Crush Songs” and Julian Casablancas’ band the Voidz, “Tyranny”

Gaslight Anthem: “The ’59 Sound”

White Lung: “Deep Fantasy”

Vivian Girls: “Share The Joy”

Foxygen: “… And Star Power”

Cymbals Eat Guitars: “LOSE”

Plus TWO singles from They Might Be Giants and TWO full-length releases: “They Might Be Giants”   and “Lincoln”

There’s also, as usual, some bizarre, creative band names — (Sleepybeef and Butterqueen come to mind), as well as stuff from bands with names like Phalec Baldwin, Nude Human and Wild Wild Wets (hopefully they’re not XXX).

Visit the Cassette Store Day website for the full list.

Burger Records has also been releasing new tracks ahead of the day’s festivities, so even if you can’t get out there, you can still get a little new music:

Natural Child – “White People” Live (from Live In Birmingham)

Townes Van Zandt – “Waiting Around To Die” (from Townes Van Zandt)

 The Golden Dawn – “Starvation” (from Power Plant)

The Adolescents – “Wrecking Crew” Demo (from The Complete Demos: 1980-1986)



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