Wand’s “Flying Golem” video an electric, stream-of-consiousness trip

When it comes to videos, for music fans, ultimately, It’s the song that matters — we hope so, anyway.

But sometimes video and music sort of become one — that’s how much Wand‘s new video for “Flying Golem” seem custom-built for each other.

The video represents the single from Wand’s new album “Ganglion Reef,” and was created by directors and animators Meghan Tryon and Garrett M. Davis, and they do the song proud.

The video has got this stream of consciousness to it  — the kind where someone draws a weird face with a pencil, and the pencil becomes a long line, then another weird face, then all of a sudden you’re fighting evil, fluorescent skulls in some alternate scene that was ditched from the Sgt. Pepper movie….. you get the picture.


The song has an innocent organic acoustic sound to it, then magically becomes a 60s psychedelic trip, and the video brings you along for the tie-dyed ride. Indian influences help close out the eclectic sound of “Flying Golem.”

Wand’s “Ganglion Reef” is out now on Drag City imprint GOD? .


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