Catch Prince, 3rdEyeGirl at Yahoo album-release party Sept. 30

Prince: Art Official Age

Prince: Art Official Age

On Tuesday, Sept. 30, Prince and his band 3rdEyegirl are expected to appear on the Live Nation Channel on Yahoo at 9:30 p.m. (Central Time) for his “Plectrumelectrumartofficialage” album-release party (yes, it’s one big word). And yes, it will celebrate the double-whammy on Tuesday of his albums “Art Official Age” and “Plectrumelectrum.”
Fans are also expected to get an in-depth look at Paisley Park, Prince’s recording studio in Minnesota, which is where you could be headed if you preorder “Plectrumelectrum”– preordering entitles you to a chance to be flown to the studio for a performance with the Man in October.
According to a press release, the entire live stream will be available using the Yahoo Screen App or at


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