Aretha shuts it down on Adele’s “Rolling In the Deep”

Aretha Franklin Sings the Gread Diva Classics

Aretha Franklin Sings the Gread Diva Classics

Aretha Franklin is back with her latest covers album and she feels great.
“Aretha Sings the Great Diva Classics” is just that. The ultimate diva puts her spin on songs like “Midnight Train to Georgia,” “I Will Survive” and “People” by Barbra Streisand.
But it’s Franklin’s version of Adele’s 2010 soul hit “Rolling in the Deep” that has people talking.
It takes no small effort to outshine the young Brit singer’s powerful chords on the pop single that propelled her to instant fame.
Although somewhat overpowered by a busy disco beat, in Franklin’s capable hands, she can coax even more angry passion from “Rolling in the Deep.”
The Queen of Soul’s voice continues to mellow to a honeyed mahogany. But make no mistake, she can still bring out the claws and own any note she pleases.
While the song will always be Adele’s baby, Franklin easily meets, then surpasses, Adele’s stronghold on the radio-friendly empire of “Deep,” bending it to her will.

“Aretha Sings the Great Diva Classics” was released on vinyl Sept. 30 with a digital release Oct. 21.
Listen to Aretha’s version, then to Adele’s and tell me what you think.

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