The Con is up: Nike sues for Chucks trademark infringement


Soon, you won’t have to keep flipping over and scrutinizing millions of Chuck Taylors in your local K-Mart and Wal-Mart to see if they’re real.
Nike finally put its foot down and sued for Chuck Taylor trademark infringement, according to a story by Associated Press.
Thirty-one firms are on the docket, with Nike claiming they are all copying the look of the shoe, including that telltale diamond pattern on the sole. Nike has been running this race since about 2008, having served about 180 cease and desist letters on the matter.

Here’s the story in Wall Street Journal.

All it takes is giving a little more than cursory look to those tiger-pattern chucks sitting tantalizingly on those department-store racks. The soles or label that don’t look QUITE right should tell you straightaway that they’re fake. In case you need help, watch this video.

fake chucks1

fake chucks2

And whatever you do, please run away if you see this: converse-shoe-tattoo


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