Wand spins psychedelic magic on “Ganglion Reef”


Wand, with only minor missteps, have carved out a lofty place for themselves high in the spastic and vibrant rock/psychedelia world with its late-summer debut album Ganglion Reef on God? Records.

The four-piece LA-based Wand (vocalist, guitarist and synth player Cory Hanson, drummer Evan Burrows, guitarist Daniel Martens, and Lee Landey on bass) have spent some quality time on tour this fall with psych-rock behemoth Ty Segall. Put these bands together for a show and you have a whirlwind powerhouse of trippy electric sound.

The lengthy opener, “Send/Receive (Mind),” starts off intimidating and uninviting  — a disjointed web of noise.
On the flip side, “Growing up Boys” possesses a beautiful sadness — a slow-cooker, space-rock fantasy.

“Broken Candle” melts Brit-pop flavor with a progressive/acoustic style not unlike Led Zeppelin’s abstract play on time signatures.

The funky lead guitar on “Fire On the Mountain” keeps it righteous —while synth follows suit in smooth ribbons of melody. The innocent organic sound of “Flying Golem” floats on a ’60s Sgt. Pepper trip, and Indian influences close out its eclectic sound.

There’s a roomy landscape on Ganglion Reef for dramatic, instrumental electric bursts of fuzz, where everyone is welcome to stretch out in Wand’s off-kilter psychedelia.

Dig It or Ditch It: Dig It.


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