New Gorillaz in 2016? If the gods and Damon Albarn allow it


The blog Consequence of Sound is reporting that in Damon Albarn‘s recent interview with Sydney Morning Herald, he revealed that a new album with the group Gorillaz may materialize in 2016.

Albarn was speaking with the paper about his debut album, “Everyday Robots,” released earlier this year.

While that’s certainly not a hard and fast commitment, it’s at least a better hint than the stories in 2011 that Gorillaz was no more.

According to Consequence of Sound in an earlier interview, Albarn had said a new Gorillaz album was “unlikely.” The precariousness of the band was further evident in scuttlebutt that band member Jamie Hewlett allegedly felt like his animated work illustrating the virtual members was getting swept under the rug.

But as Albarn said, “in the music industry everything changes.”

Fans of Albarn’s other side project, Blur, may also find a glimmer of hope in words from Albarn that the band may be resurrected at some point, saying, “I would imagine there’s some kind of future.”

Watch and remember Blur’s killer Britpop sound of 1994’s “Girls and Boys.”

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