Joni Mitchell just made a ballet — of 53 of her remastered songs


Folk singer, songwriter and artist Joni Mitchell has curated a four-disc CD, “Love Has Many Faces: A Quartet, A Ballet, Waiting to Be Danced,” that will be out Nov. 17 on Rhino Records.
It’s a collection of 53 remastered songs recorded over 40 years — a four-act ballet that took Mitchell two years to complete, according to a BB Gun Press release. Mitchell originally planned to keep the release to one CD. “Love Has Many Faces” also includes 53 lyrical poems and six new paintings.
“I am a painter who writes songs. My songs are very visual. The words create scenes…What I have done here is to gather some of these scenes (like a documentary filmmaker) and by juxtaposition, edit them into a whole new work,” says Mitchell in the press release.

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