Ty Segall doles out more greatness with compilation “$ingle$ 2”


After the psychedelic-fuzz magic of “Manipulator,” Ty Segall is releasing a singles compilation, “$ingle$ 2” out Nov. 18 on Drag City.

Segall goes all the way back to the golden days of 2011-2013 to break out B-sides from “Goodbye Bread,” “Twins,” and “Sleeper” as well as singles that weren’t on the albums.

Here’s the tracklisting for “$ingle$ 2”:

01. Spiders

02. Hand Glams

03. Cherry Red

04. Falling Hair

05. Children Of Paul

06. It’s A Problem

07. Mother Lemonade

08. For Those Who Weep

09. F**ked Up Motherf**ker

10. Femme Fatale

11. Music For A Film

12. Pettin The Dog


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