Feast your ears on Vision Fortune’s new single “Dry Mouth”


Experimentalist group Vision Fortune has released details about their sophomore album, “Country Music.”

Take a listen to the band’s new single “Dry Mouth,” a song with bare and stripped-down percussion. The song is jarring to the point of being uncomfortable; it’s a vast departure from their debut, “Mas Fiestas con el Grupo Vision Fortune.”

The British trio was holed up in a country villa to create the album, which was recorded in Tuscany, Italy, during a research residency.

According to a press release, the percussion for “Dry Mouth” stems from silverware striking china bowls of foi gras d’oie. Seriously.


“Country Music” is the band’s first for ATP Recordings and is due Feb. 10.

Watch the “Country Music” trailer,  and visit a link to a 2013 interview with The Quietus.

Bonus: A surprising tracklist title: “New Jack City.”


1. Blossom

2. Habitat

3. Dry Mouth

4. Cleanliness

5. Tita

6. Ties and Bound

7. Sandrino

8. Stalker

9. Drunk Ghost

10. Broken Teeth

11. New Jack City

12. Back Crawl II

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