This guy made a Zappa dummy, and it came to life

I ran this story last year, but today, Dec. 21, 2015, on what would have been Frank Zappa’s 75th birthday, I felt it was important to reiterate the effect his music and filmmaking had on one fan in particular.

Frank Zappa fans everywhere might appreciate this dedication. ran a story in June 2014 about Indiana University music professor Andy Hollinden — a Zappa fanatic who was apparently good with a sewing needle.


Andy Hollinden, professor, humongous Frank Zappa fan

In 1978, when Hollinden was a sophomore in high school, he created a life-sized Frank Zappa dummy. He took the dummy to high-school pictures, as well as to a Zappa concert. Hollinden raised up the dummy onto the stage and Frank Zappa took it. Hollinden didn’t see the dummy again, until years later. That’s when it gets interesting.

You must listen to the story. Radio stories are great because you get sucked in to them purely by your own imagination, so the imagery becomes very personal and more valuable.

Sure, the dummy looks a bit off in the picture below, but that was the cornerstone of Zappa culture — personal singularity. The journey of that doll is pretty fascinating if you think about it.

Thanks again to Everything Sounds.


What would your Zappa dummy look like?


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