Download, stream Yacht’s “Terminal Beach”

 photo YACHT-WDTD-EP-Package1_zps6475e41f.jpg

“Where Does This Disco?” Limited Edition EP

Dance-punk group Yacht are streaming their latest single “Terminal Beach,” which you can also download for free at Stereogum.
“Terminal Beach” refers to a collection of stories by British science-fiction writer J.G. Ballard. The namesake story is basically about a man, whose wife dies, decides to run away to an island that used to be used for nuke-testing.

Despite that thought, you should still listen to Yacht’s “Terminal Beach,” maybe because it’s eons from the story: The song mixes up 80s pop-dance and punk-princess vocals and is worth your time.

Yacht’s EP “Where Does This Disco?”  was out Nov. 11 on Downtown Records.


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