Fugazi’s raw “First Demo” out today

Fugazi "First Demo" out today on Dischord Records

Fugazi “First Demo” out today on Dischord Records

Imagine if you got your hot mitts on Fugazi’s “First Demo” back in 1988. The band has now officially released it.

Recorded in Inner Ear Studio, the 11 songs were laid down after the band had only played 10 shows.
Fugazi handed the tape out at their shows, ever the democrat in letting people hear their music for free — Fugazi’s full albums can still be found all over YouTube and the rest of the interwebs.

“First Demo” begins with the killer punk anthem “Waiting Room,” and also contains music that was later polished up for their first two EPs.

Starting today, you can buy “First Demo” at Dischord Records. The digital version is only 7 bucks and the LPs come with a download code.
“First Demo” is the last part of the “Fugazi Live Series,” which has documented all of Fugazi’s live shows since its 2011 launch.

Read more on “First Demo” here, where it’s still streaming.


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