Listen to Night Beds’ “Me, Liquor and God”

Night Beds has released

Night Beds has released “Me, Liquor and God”

On Tuesday, Nashville’s Night Beds released a new track, and it’s worlds away from what you know of the acoustic centric outfit. After almost a year, Night Beds’ Winston Yellen returns with “Me, Liquor and God.” To start with, it’s an intently personal song title, with undulating synth melodies and a “descent into debauchery,” according to a press release.


“I’ve always been enough for your shelf,” Yellen sings. Night Beds worked over the last three years on new music with Winston’s brother Abe Yellen and several more musicians. Yellen’s feminine, emotional voice takes control in “Me, Liquor and God,” which shares a bit of contemporary-pop sensibilities; Night Beds’ honesty is still intact. Yellen’s new sound was first displayed on Tomas Barfod’s “Sell You,” released earlier this year. Listen here.

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