Watch a man try to stay awake in Parkay Quarts’ video “Pretty Machines”


This guy’s weird mustache: What’s up with that?

The latest video from Parkay Quarts (or Parquet Courts, however you like) for “Pretty Machines” paints a picture of an ordinary day, like any other in one man’s life: Get up, brush teeth, wash dishes, go to bed, repeat. Parkay Quarts manages to blend each of this guy’s already-mundane activities into one long drudgefest.

Besides the overlapping frames that clumsily and jarringly stitch events together: the one weird thing — the off-kilter mustache-y thing he puts on his face every day. What’s up with that?

“Pretty Machines” is from Parkay Quarts’ latest album, “Content Nausea.”

Check out “Pretty Machines” on Youtube, as well as Parquet Courts’ performance on David Letterman.

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