Hear newcomer Sarah Bethe Nelson’s breakup ode “Paying”

SBN_byColette Levesque2

Sarah Bethe Nelson by Colette Levesque

Sarah Bethe Nelson worked as a bartender in the San Francisco area for several years, gathering stories gleaned from nightly fights and makeout sessions.

Her first song from her debut, “Fast-Moving Clouds,” is reminiscent of that rich, laden landscape and a great breakup song.

“Paying” brings back that slow, ghostly sadcore sound a band like Red House Painters mastered in the 90s. Nelson also knows how to deftly make even her vocal melodies sound lonely, adding another layer of pensiveness.

Listen to “Paying” on Soundcloud.

Her debut, “Fast-Moving Clouds” is out March 10 on Burger Records.


1. Start Somewhere
2. Impossible Love
3. Black Telephone
4. Snake Shake
5. Paying
6. Fast-Moving Clouds
7. Soft Eyes
8. Uneasy
9. Every Other Sunday
10. We’re Not Dead

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