Listen to Turbo Fruits’ garage-love anthem “The Way I Want You”

Turbo Fruits Art

If there was ever a band that could honestly and successfully conjure the romantic and updated-for-the 21st-century punk-rock vision of the Ramones, it would be Turbo Fruits.

The Nashville-bred rock band have cemented a name for themselves through their electric live shows and brash love songs. Now, the band has financed its new album, “No Control” after running into creative issues with Serpents and Snakes Records after their 2012 album “Butter.”

“No Control” was produced by Patrick Carney of The Black Keys and Jeremy Ferguson from Battle Tapes Recording.

Listen to Turbo Fruits’ garage-punk anthem “The Way I Want You.”

Vocalist and guitarist Jonas Stein had this to say about the lyrics:

““A lot of the lyrical content (both the song and the album) is about a relationship not working out. The lyrics are simple but heartfelt – about heartache and heartbreak. This song idea came to me at an unexpected moment, working on my family’s farm. I jumped off the tractor and ran inside, grabbed my guitar and recorded a rough idea on my voice memos app on my phone. Kingsley [Brock, guitarist] later helped me flesh it out – he knew what I was going through and really honed in on my feelings. He’s been my friend since childhood and can read my brain better than anyone. It’s funny because the song didn’t originally make the finished album, but Patrick [Carney, producer] insisted we try it again. We had run out of money so he recorded it at his house and hired an engineer. He did that for a couple songs and they turned out great and we love them. We owe him big time.””

TurboFruits band

Turbo Fruits’ album “No Control” is out April 20 on Melvin Records/Thirty Tigers.


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