PC Music about to become more visible with first live event at SXSW

PC Music flier

The ever-elusive PC Music announces an event at SXSW Showcase, March 19, from 8 p.m. to 2 a.m. This will be the first time the entire PC Music roster are billed in the same lineup.

Set to perform will be artists such as Hannah Diamond and GFOTY, both of whom are expected to drop albums this year. In addition, QT will present her stage show ahead of the release of her single “Hey QT” on XL Recordings. SOPHIE, Felicita and Kane West will also debut new music.

PC Music also released a single to celebrate its upcoming performances. The insanely hyper-drive personality of GFOTY is tempered only slightly as she lends a hand to A.G. Cook’s song “Drop FM” (listen at Soundcloud). Between tweets about shopping for new kicks and plugging the Brit singer’s latest music, GFOTY’s latest tweet read: “TiVo box isn’t working and I’ve eaten all my sweets and I think I might jump out window before sxsw tbh if this carries on” https://twitter.com/williamewright/status/567001503010144256


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