These kids covering Led Zeppelin have no idea how badass they are

LLP-Logo-2004Louisville Leopard Percussionists. Check it.

The Daily Dot has posted a video of this youth collective of musical greats performing this Led Zeppelin monster medley of “Immigrant Song,” “The Ocean” and “Kashmir” during their recent rehearsal. The kids are all between the ages of 7 and 12 and interpret the classic songs through xylophone, marimba and drums. They’re not just performing, but marching and grooving, and probably feeling awesome.

Special props to the drummer for channeling John Bonham so perfectly, right down to the bass drum and cymbal combo. Led Zep guitarist Jimmy Page gave hearty approval on his Facebook page.

led zep the ocean

Coincidence? I think not

The part where Robert Plant sings “la la, la la la la la” on “The Ocean” is the group’s most funky retelling of the song. Make sure you check out the group at rear left who are swinging their arms in unison during this part.

The group’s timing is nearly flawless.

Commence headbanging.

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