Odesza’s “All We Need” is remixed eight ways

Electronic group Odesza has been performing to nearly sold-out shows throughout their tour, and recently released a string of remixes of their hit “All We Need” on Soundcloud,

Artists such as Giraffage, Dawn Golden, Robert DeLong, Will Saul and Autograf have contributed eight remixes, rangeing anywhere from R&B and synth retellings, to slowing the tempo and bringing in darker undertones. It’s worth a listen for Odesza fans.

Odesza’s latest video for “All We Need (feat. Shy Girls),” links drug use with listening to the song. When the “high” of the song wears off, the song ends, at least until they get high again. Unfortunately, halting the song several times during the video to bring up this other storyline between two lovers doesn’t tend to serve the song well.

All we need odesza

The video was directed by Kevan Funk, and Odesza’s Harrison Mills comments on Funk’s work. “His use of dark imagery to convey the beauty as well as the tragedy of love and addiction in ‘All We Need’ was a perfect contrast to the bright elements of the track, while also playing upon the subtle melancholy undertones of the lyrics.”

For more on the band, visit odesza.com.

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