Django Django’s new single “Reflections” is techno-synth brilliance

A: Start your morning off right with Django Django

Django Django has released a new song, “Reflections,” off their upcoming album “Born Under Saturn.”

The group has long ago mastered those vintage harmonious vocals, like some good-time psychedelic barbershop quartet, but it’s still uniquely Django Django. (To get close to that sound, listen to the shiny/happy/creepy song “Cherish” by soft-rock group The Association.)

Then a sax solo is thrown in to “Reflection” and it completely changes the mood, to usher in a jazzy art-rock feel. That solo is by Roller Trio’s James Mainwaring. But even better is the space-rock keyboard solo at the end.

“Born Under Saturn” is the Scottish quartet’s second album. It’s out May 5 on Ribbon, and May 4 overseas on Because Music. A limited edition of “Born Under Saturn” with orange and black-smoke vinyl can be preordered on iTunes.

Listen to “Reflections” on Soundcloud, and watch it on Youtube.

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