GABI’s new track “Fleece” is already remixed, and it’s extreme


GABI’s debut album is called “Sympathy” and is due out on April 7 via Software Recording Co.

If you haven’t heard GABI yet, it’s a good bet you’ll be blown away by her sophisticated sound. The Autre Ne Veut Club remix of her single “Fleece” takes you from 0-60 in an instant, moving from ethereal goddess-singer to hyper synth experimentalist. For the “Fleece” remix, GABI partnered with singer Autre Ne Veut, who is also on the Software Recording Co.
But GABI’s original “Fleece” is just as beautiful and ghostly. GABI takes each vocal intonation and builds upon it exponentially, creating an almost holy vocal experience.

GABI Fleece remix

GABI is Gabrielle Herbst, a New York-based composer and vocalist who studied clarinet and piano, as well as Balinese dance and gamelan in Indonesia. Herbst has also written for chamber orchestra and mixed instrumentation. That work prompted Herbst to create short vocal compositions as GABI. Her upcoming album “Sympathy” is based on the human voice “as instrument, story and landscape.” Working with GABI in the studio was Matthew OKoren on percussion, Rick Quantz on viola, Josh Henderson on violin, and Aaron Roche on electric guitar and trombone.
Listen/watch “Fleece (Autre Ne Veut Club Remix)” and watch the video.
GABI’s debut, “Sympathy” is expected April 7 via Software Recording Co. GABI’s record-release show is April 22 at Le Poisson Rouge in NYC.

 Tracklisting for “Sympathy”:

1. Koo Koo
2. Da Void
3. Love Song
4. Mud
5. Falling
6. Where
7. Fleece
8. Home
9. Hymn

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