The angelic hush of GABI’s debut “Sympathy” is streaming in full

GABI Fleece remix

One way to describe GABI’s voice is that she sounds like Enya, but with a purity and gracefulness that’s ratcheted up 50 times in its intensity and rawness, from the first notes on “Koo Koo,” to the manic vocal hiccups running alongside her steady, angelic voice on “Falling.”

“Sympathy” was born out of GABI‘s classical training and her solo work with a dual-track loop pedal. The album is sonically vibrant and free, not bound to conventional standards.

Listen for yourself: GABI’s debut, “Sympathy,” is streaming in full on Soundcloud.

GABI has a live show at Rough Trade NYC on Monday, and a record-release show at Le Poisson Rouge in NYC. “Sympathy” is out Tuesday on Software Recording Co.

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