Gulp! Caribou’s video for “Can’t Do Without You” is a rainbow of emotions

Caribou has released a video for last year’s big song off “Our Love,” and it’s no fish tale.

The video is deceptively simple — it’s all about this little boy and his chance encounter with a giant flying fish (just go with it). The entire video is in slow motion. The boy is seen running, and it first it looks like the fish is chasing him, but then you realize the two are sharing a kind of brief friendship, before the fish continues on without him.

The boy gets a brief opportunity to run his hands along the the fish’s feathers, which are bathed in vibrant reds, greens, yellows, blues and shiny golds, and it may be the most touching part of the video.

caribou video kid2

With just one scene, the video covers the gamut of a child’s purest emotions: joy, sadness, wonderment and fear.

Watch Caribou’s video for “Can’t Do Without You” on Youtube. Caribou’s set to play Coachella this Friday.

If you have an affinity for this brilliantly oversized flying creature, you have a chance to win him.

Here’s a special message from the aquatic animal:



You’ve just seen me in the ‘Can’t Do Without You Video’ but where am I going next?

Give me a purpose, an adventure, somewhere unique for me to call home.

Can you provide me with a special plan for the rest of my days?

I’m 12 feet long, 5 feet tall, 4 feet wide and weigh 50 lbs.

Tell me what your dream is for me by emailing before April 22nd.

If your idea is chosen I will be delivered to you ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD.

Hope to see you soon x

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