Django Django’s all in pieces over their “Reflections” video

Django video 2Leave it to Django Django to break apart conventional music videos.

Their video for “Reflections” is as bizarre as they come. It’s all computer-animated and shows people playing musical instruments; but the “people” lack fingers, eyes, ears and lots of other stuff that would qualify him as human, or even a robot.

django-reflections videoThe video was filmed at Framestore film studios, which is known for the movie “Gravity.” The director for the video, Natalia Stuyk, described it as “a futuristic and surreal take on on the traditional performance music video.”

According to a press release, using Motion Capture and Face Shift technology, Django Django members are translated into abstract sculptures.

Dire Straits’ “Money For Nothing” video, re: 1985, was as groundbreaking then as “Reflections” is now.

Dire-Straits_Money-for-nothingIn “Money For Nothing,” the members of Dire Straits come to life as  computer-generated, faceless, bright neon musicians who knew how to rock, as well as sell color TVs.

The robots on “Reflections,” meanwhile, are made out of pieces of chrome and metal and various geometric shapes. It’s kind of fascinating to watch. Thank god their mouths are intact, and they’re still able to play their instruments– that’s all that really matters anyway. Check out the video on Youtube.

Django Django’s new album, “Born Under Saturn,” is streaming now on iTunes’ First Play. It’s out May 5 on Ribbon Music.

Django reflections video2

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