Karen O pens Google ode to journalist Nellie Bly

google girl karen oYeah Yeah Yeah’s Karen O has penned a song on Google doodle to celebrate investigate journalist Nellie Bly’s 151st birthday.

It’s under 2 and a half minutes but is purely Karen O. It calls reference to her work advocating for unions, and those going hungry, and her work with suffragists.

karen-o-tribute-nellie-blyOne still-timely headline in the graphic reads: “Should women propose?”

Nellie_Bly_WavesSome of Karen O’s lyrics read:

“Someone’s gotta stand up and tell em what a girl is good for

Oh Nellie, take us all around the world/and break those rules/cause you’re our girl

We wanna make something of ourselves too

Oh Nellie you show us just what you would do”

My favorite line?

“We gotta speak up for the ones who’ve been told to shut up”

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