Courtney Love shreds on “Miss Narcissist”

Courtney-Love-Miss NarcissistListen to Courtney Love’s grungy new song, “MIss Narcissist” on Soundcloud.

Love’s vocals have always been ragged and weathered, and it would be difficult to imagine her vocals as anything other than hanging by a thread.  “Miss Narcissist she’s a thief/sucks out all the energy/ stole all my hostility/iike a parasite…” Love growls on the song. She’s the quintessential bitter punk rocker and it doesn’t appear she’ll change her stripes any time soon.

“Miss Narcissist” is out now on Ghost Ramp/Crush Music. According to Stereogum, a 7-inch  of “Radio Killer” is set for this summer. Odds are that it’s not about shiny happy people.

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