Night Beds’ Yellen: “Yeezus” influenced sophomore effort “Ivywild”

Winston Yellen has announced the sophomore effort of his Night Beds project, “Ivywild.”

In a press release, “Ivywild” was borne from Yellen’s initial reactions to hearing Kanye West’s “Yeezus” for the first time when he was in Nashville. Yellen also says the album comprises “sad sex jams,” and brings up painful memories of a breakup.Night Beds Tide Teeth

About 25 musicians have worked on “Ivywild,” including vocalist Heather Hibbard of Maine, who covered one of Yellen’s songs on YouTube.

Listen to new song, “Tide Teeth,” on Soundcloud, as well as “Me, Liquor and God.”

“Ivywild” will be out Aug. 7 on Dead Oceans. Night Beds’ debut, “Country Sleep,” was released in 2013.

Watch the video for “Tide Teeth”:

1. Finished
2. Corner
3. Me Liquor & God
4. Seratonin
5. Tide Teeth
6. Sway(ve)
7. [9-6] slack-jaw
8. Eve A
9. On High:
10. Melrose
11. Lay Your Hands
12. All In Good Time (I Get You Wrong Interlude)
13. Moon Sugar
14. Love Streams
15. I Give It
16. Stand On My Throat

Night Beds Tide Teeth2

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