That recluse Noel Gallagher opens up in Noisey interview

What’s better than Noel Gallagher? Noel Gallagher interviews.

On May 14, the Oasis front man talked with Noisey for their series “The British Masters.” In the interview, Gallagher talked with John Doran about “Chasing Yesterday,” Gallagher’s latest album, his continuing love affair with house music, and having Johnny Marr as a fan.

Noel Gallagher noisey 5-23-15Some choice quotes from Noel:

  • Joining Oasis – “I only played lead in Oasis because no one could do it and Bonehead was bald and that would have been f**king preposterous.”
  • Song-writing – “It’s all about the songs. If the songs are good – the vibe of it – I’m not interested in the vibe.”
  • Early Oasis fan Johnny Marr – “He was the first person to get it. Out of the five people in the band and the five people who hung around the band.”
  • Long-time frenemy Damon Albarn“Turns out he’s quite a genial fellow.” 

Coming from Gallagher, that last one is positively uncharacteristic of him.

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