Jenny Hval’s “Apocalypse, girl” streaming at New York Times

Multimedia artist Jenny Hval’s new album, “Apocalypse, girl” is unlike most you may hear in 2015. It’s streaming now at New York Times‘ “Press Play.”

It’s built of equal parts spoken-word, instrumental, incendiary, and well aware of social Jenny-Hval-The-Battle-Is-Over-Vidand feminist issues. It’s pointedly incendiary, but also contains a lot of soul in the form of Hval’s pained lyrics and thin, clear vocals.

Watch the video, below, for her eye-opening single “That Battle Is Over.” In it she declares, “Newspaper statistics tell me I am unhappy and dying.” She continues, “It’s biology, it’s my own fault, it’s divine punishment,” as she crucifies the prison she calls woman’s place in the world.

It’s disturbing to hear, and it’s supposed to knock you off-level, because her music is appropriately weighty, transgressive dream-pop.

It’s worth a listen.

“Apocalypse, girl” is out June 9 on Sacred Bones.


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