Prinzhorn Dance School’s “Home Economics” streaming at KCRW

Prinzhorn Dance School’s new album “Home Economics” is now streaming at KCRW. “Home Economics” is out June 9 on DFA Records.

The album was recorded by post-punkers Tobin Prinz and Suzi Horn while they were relocating between flats in Brighton and Hove, England.



According to a press release, the recordings, on a hard drive, were wrapped in a sleeping bag in a specially-made suitcase. According to Prinz, “Home Economics” was a way for the duo to get away from “that frustration you feel when you spend days trying to recapture the intimacy of a particular moment. This time we could just use the original take, so sometimes these songs are almost like field recordings,” Prinz says.

Check it out at KCRW’s “For The Curious,” and listen to “Reign (S*** Robot Remix)” on Youtube.


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