Seoul streams “I Become A Shade”

Seoul’s upcoming album “I Become A Shade,” is streaming now via Spin. It’s set for release June 9 on Grand Jury.

Based on what we’ve heard here from Seoul, this new album should begin its rightful climb up the charts. It’s hazy sound should be the perfect foil for those chilly days in August.

Listen to the easygoing swirl of “White Morning,” which evokes 70s dream-pop. The soft, whispery vocals are accented by tiny pinpricks of synth notes, and covered all over with a beautiful guitar fingerwork.

They’ll be playing a few record release shows, including a free one in Brooklyn, before heading back to Montreal.

June 24 —  NYC– At Berlin
June 25 — Brooklyn, NYC — Brooklyn Vegan Rooftop Films– free show.
June 26 — Montreal — At The Plant

About “I Become A Shade,” the band says:

I Become A Shade is a dream-ode to banality, isolation, sidelong glances, and rented rooms. Despite its tendency to dwell on such feelings of anxiety and loneliness, I Become A Shade attempts to transcend its land-locked desperateness, arriving briefly at ecstatic junctures of self-discovery and growth. All the while, the rain continues to fall.”

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