Ezra Furman’s “Perpuetual Motion People” out July 10

Ezra-Furman-Lousy-Connection-picAfter Ezra Furman hit gold with “Day Of the Dog,” he and his band The Boyfriends are back with the upcoming album “Perpetual Motion People.”

His latest song “Lousy Connection” is a mix of doo-wop, Britpop, 50s Vegas act, and all-around brashness. He drops imagery like it’s candy, mentioning writing a letter to Congress about things he thinks they should “address.” When he says he shows up in an Indian headdress and coyly says he thinks “the message was lost,” you know you’re in for some cheeky attitude and a fun time.

ezra-furman perpetual“Lousy Connection” is full of memorable storytelling lines that could all easily stand on their own.

“I”m out of money and I’m out of my mind… I’m all f*ckin’ mumbles…. a royal flush where all the faces are faded…” It’s all wrapped up in joyful, almost insanely happy brass notes. It’s one of the more unusually quirky songs so far this year, and it’s much welcomed.

Listen to “Lousy Connection” on Soundcloud:

You really must watch the video for “Restless Year,” which could pass for a 21st century version of “It’s the End Of the World As We Know It,” or “Shiny Happy People.” Furman speediy floats along a street, going through wardrobe changes and socializing, then says “when you catch my coattails I’ll be miles away.” You believe it.

Furman has a small tour that includes Rough Trade in New York on Aug. 5:

Aug. 5 – Brooklyn, NY – Rough Trade

Aug. 6 – Washington, D.C. – DC9

Aug. 8 – Philadelphia, PA – Milkboy Philly

Aug. 11 – Chicago, IL – Lincoln Hall

“Perpetual Motion People” is out July 10 on Bella Union.

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