Telekinesis debuts “A Future World” on Seattle’s KEXP

telekinesisTelekinesis’ new song, “A Future World,” comes as Benjamin Lerner’s settling down into spousal bliss and reassessing life’s priorities.

According to a press release:

“I went down to the basement,” Lerner recalls, “and started playing the same chords I always play… I just felt like I’d exhausted everything I knew. I was not excited at all. I just could not make another power-pop album.”

“A Future World” could not be considered power pop, that much is true. It lays heavy on the side of synth-pop but with plenty of bright heart.

The song debuted on Seattle’s KEXP today, and the link includes a trailer to the new album, “Ad Infinitum.”

Telekinesis, otherwise known as Benjamin Lerner, has been making music since 2009 with a self-titled debut. This will be the band’s fourth album.

The new album by Telekinesis, “Ad Infinitum,” is out Sept. 18. The band is going on tour with Say Hi in October in Washington with a possible European tour over the winter.

Check out their much different sound on “Power Lines” from 2013:

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